Wednesday, May 30, 2007

what will you find in this blog?

Do you want to clean green?
In the greener cleaner you will find posts on a variety of green cleaning products, tools and techniques. Because the topic is so vast, there will probably be two main, cross-referenced categories:

1) eco-friendly products, tools and techniques
2) a room-by-room or task-by-task guide to eco-friendly cleaning

So in other words, I will have posts on products like baking soda, tools like washable cloth rags, posts on how to use baking soda and rags to clean a surface, and posts on how to tackle cleaning challenges with baking soda in specific rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens.

My emphasis will be practical, first-hand "how to" knowledge.

If you have a look through the list of blog topics in the sidebar on the right, you can find posts on specific products, tools or techniques, as well as posts on how to clean specific objects, areas or rooms.

If you can't find the information you want, feel free to contact me and ask. It would probably make a great subject for a future blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Michelle,

Today I found your blog and I have read several and enjoyed them. Both my husband and I are biologist and we run a bed and breakfast in Panama... We are busy with green certification and so I looked to ways to improve the cleaning.

It seems that the Panama institutions involved are not even half so clever as to include the 'earthwise' part and think that 'natural' is automatically good (nicotine and arsenic is natural, however not good and certainly non-toxic). Anyway, I am now playing with the idea to make a course for our staff about cleaning green. Your blog is a good source but you have given courses. Would there be any chance that you could share some course outlines with us?
If you intended to have a holiday in Panama and speak Spanish I would gladly hire you but I assume that I would have to wait longer than I can.