Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Do you want to clean green?
I wear many hats: I'm a professional organizer, freelance writer and editor, artist and fibre artisan, and student of the Alexander Technique.

But I'm also deeply interested in sustainable living, and I love to share my knowledge about eco-friendly cleaning with others. I offer lectures, workshops and consultations on eco-friendly cleaning for groups and individuals. I can show you how to green your cleaning routines. I can train your cleaning staff in eco-friendly techniques. I can bring along eco-friendly products and demonstrate their use. I can equip you with the basics to get you started on your green cleaning journey.

As my schedule allows, I also offer one-time eco-friendly cleanings ("spring"/"fall" or move in and move out cleanings) for homes and alternative health spaces in the Greater Toronto Area, London, and Barrie.

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